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This For Sale By Owner Guide is a great resource to help you get started in the process of selling your home.

Below are also some commonly asked questions that offer the insight to equip you for the FSBO journey.

Before putting your home on the market

You want to sell your home for the best, most reasonable price. Hire an experienced, licensed inspector to examine the current condition of your residence. Additionally, get the advice of an appraiser. Their combined expert assessments will help you to determine a realistic price point.


Perhaps the most crucial step is preparing your home to sell. For interested buyers to visualize your home as their potential home, it should be as depersonalized as possible. Removing personal items like photos, collectibles, souvenirs, etc. will better allow those touring your home to envision their family living there. Anything of a personal nature should also be removed from the home’s exterior, such as doormats and nameplates.

Eliminate clutter

A lot of buyers will be investigating every nook and cranny of your home from drawers and cabinets to closets. It’s all part of the visualization process. It will be in the best interest of selling the house to eliminate as much as possible from drawers, closets, cabinets.

Curb appeal

You only have one chance to make a good first impression! The exterior of your home is what potential buyers will initially see. If it’s a home you’re selling, you should do your best to make the buyer’s first impression is a pleasant one. And it starts with curb appeal. This can be accomplished by touching up exterior paint, adding to or maintaining current landscaping, and remove any outdoor such as bicycles and sports equipment. Also, address any possible issues with sidewalks or pathways to the front door. Ensure the front door is clean and neat by refinishing or repainting any nicks and polish the door knocker, bell, and knob to a shine. Just as the front of the house needs to look pristine, the backyard should be kept clean and neat.  


When you list your home, be sure to include this in your listing. If you have advanced notice that someone is coming for a tour, take your dogs with you, board them, or leave them with friends. Indoor cats will likely hide when buyers are viewing your home; otherwise, try to keep them in a specific room.