ALTA 8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien Endorsement (with Florida Modifications)

The minimum premium for this endorsement is $25.00.

This endorsement is to be issued only on loan policies insuring either residential or non- residential properties; therefore, the endorsement may not be issued in connection with Owner’s Policies. This endorsement provides affirmative coverage as follows:

Insures against lack of priority of the lien of the insured mortgage over any environmental lien recorded at the date of the policy unless such lien is set forth in Schedule B.

At this time Florida Statutes do not provide for either a “super priority lien” as to environmental matters or any other form of lien unless notice of the lien or of the environmental violation is recorded in the Public Records. Accordingly, this endorsement may be given provided the title search reveals no such recorded notice of lien or environmental violation.

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