Florida Contiguity Endorsement

The minimum premium is $25.00 per endorsement on 1-4 family unit residential properties with a $100 maximum premium per endorsement; and on all other properties other than

1-4 family unit residential properties, the minimum premium for endorsements is $100.00 per endorsement with no maximum.

This endorsement may be issued with respect to either an Owner’s Policy or Loan Policy to insure that the parcels of land described in Schedule A are contiguous to each other and that there are no gaps or gores between said parcels and that, taken as a tract, they constitute one complete parcel of land.

In order to provide this endorsement, the survey or a separate surveyor’s certificate must confirm that the parcels are contiguous and there are no gaps or gores between said parcels.

(CAUTION: Legal descriptions which contain two parcels of land in adjoining sections or adjoining lots in a subdivision plat would seem to be contiguous; however, an actual survey of the land may reveal that a gap exists between the two sections lines due to the original monuments established at the time of the government survey or between the two lots due to an error in the plat.)

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